Kind Words

What online workshop participants have to say:

This health and wellness workshop has been a breath of fresh air in my busy life. It’s an uplifting, informative, supportive, and empowering experience! It is helping me to see both small and big areas of my life where I am doing really well (and can finally pat myself on the back for strengths I never realized I had!) and where I can do better. Well-informed, friendly support from the coach is giving me practical things I can work on.” -Amanda

I am a big fan of self-help books and New Year’s resolutions, but my motivation to make changes in my life has rarely ever lasted longer than a few weeks. After participating in Brooke’s Crafting a Wellness Vision workshop, I finally feel like I am capable of making lasting, positive changes to my life. Brooke is immensely knowledgeable in what it means to be truly well. Brooke’s program is like having a personal trainer, a dietician, a therapist, a motivational speaker and a dear friend by your side, every day for a month!” -Jill

“I highly recommend this program. It’s only been a few weeks and I feel like I’ve been able to make meaningful changes in my routine/life to be healthier and more aware of my general well being.” – Sarah

“This course takes a full life approach and breaks it down into manageable steps; intentional living made simple. Each morning I found myself excited for the next assignment. I felt encouraged to reflect to find answers within while feeling totally supported throughout with a super positive and knowledgeable coach leading the way. I really appreciated how easily it fit into my busy schedule and am feeling the results already reshaping my daily routines for the better. I really enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for wellness inspiration.” – Lisa

“Participating in this workshop was an enjoyable and approachable way to refocus on cultivating fulfillment and direction in my life. I would highly recommend it! Brooke offers just the right amount of support while giving each person their own space to introspect.” –Samantha